Church Activities

In addition to the many activities normally taking place in our church rooms through their hire by groups external to the church, we ourselves organise a variety of social and fellowship activities.

All these activities are currently suspended due to Covid, but will begin to open up again progressively from June.  Details will be posted of the activities, their times and places, and how to get involved.



Pre-pandemic, the badminton group used to meet at Bromley Road church every Monday evening from 8.15 to 10.00 to play in the Bevington Hall.  Players of all standards (and of none!) and of either sex welcome; the fee a mere £2 (£1 concessionary); trainers or similar footwear required to avoid marking the floor.  Information on post-pandemic plans will be posted in due course.


Fun, Food and Fellowship

The name is self-explanatory! This group met typically 6 times a year for all sorts of varied activities, to which all were welcome.  The format is being reconsidered for when it becomes possible to meet again freely on the premises.


Saturday Forum

Some years ago, Graham and David McLeod formed a men's forum for our Church, as they felt it was a good thing for our men to meet socially for Christian fellowship, based upon presentations of interest followed by discussion.  We met on the second Saturday of each month at our Clock House Road church, and had a meal together in the long vestry afterwards.  We also went monthly to the Thursday lunchtime service at Bromley Methodist Church, and afterwards usually went out to lunch.

As time gradually took its toll of our membership,we decided to open the group up to include ladies as well, and we already have some new recruits.  The pandemic prevented us meeting, but we are now planning to start again when the regulations allow.  Anybody is welcome to come, and to find out more please use the contact e-mail address on the 'About Us' page of this website. 


Uniformed Organisations

Scouts, guides, rangers, beavers, cubs, brownies  -  details tba



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